People born on May 23 fall under the Gemini
sign. They are ruled by the planet Mercury.
Blessed with intelligence and great
communication skills, these individuals are
perfectionist by nature. If they take up a job or
an activity, they excel in the same. However,
these individuals aren’t the serious types and
instead are endowed with a sense of humor.
They are fun-loving and love to make others
around happy. Though May 23rd individuals
are highly idealistic, they rarely have a clear
concept for goals. They need help to develop
realistic expectations.
Personality Traits & Characteristics of
Famous People Born on May 23
People born on May 23 are said to be
endowed with above average intelligence and
mental ability. Additionally, they are social
animals and enjoy being around the company
of others. People born on this day have a
great sense of humor and like to laugh often.
They are also fun loving and enjoy going on
social outings with friends and family. They
want the best for themselves and the people
around them which makes them very goal
oriented. When it comes down to realizing
their goals, these people are hard workers and
pay attention to details.
People born on this day are said to be high
strung. These people are perfectionists which
can cause them a lot of unneeded stress.
These individuals also have a nervous
temperament. They can often get into bad
habits such as smoking or drinking too much
due to stress. People born on this day are also
prone to frequent headaches and insomnia.
The best thing May 23rd natives can do is to
learn how to calm down and develop good
relaxation techniques. This will help curb
many of the stress-related health problems
that they experience.
May 23rd natives are spendthrift. They are
high on fashion and style and more than often
spend their money without thinking and on
objects they do not need. As such, these
people are not good with keeping money. Also,
saving for a rainy day is not in the agenda of
a May 23rd individual.
These people have a natural gift for
communication with others. They do well in
jobs that allow them to be social and where
they can express themselves. They have a
passion for improvisation and can make good
comedians. They also do well with art,
especially in guiding or teaching positions.
Relationships, Marriage, and Children
People born on this day tend to be a little
immature. They have trouble growing up.
When life gets too hard, they return to the
mind state of a child. In matters of
relationship, May 23rd natives are extremely
romantic. They are naturally flirtatious and
enjoy being in a relationship more than
anything else. They like going out on dates
and love being the center of attention. Smart
conversation interests these people. As
parents, these people are conventional but
tend to be more of a friend to their child than
a parent.
Lucky Colors: Green
Lucky Numbers: 5, 14, 23, 32, 41, 50, 68, 77
Lucky Days (of the month): 6, 10, 15
Lucky Days (of the week): Tuesday
Alan Perez
Former President
of Peru
Born in: Lima
Year Of Birth:
Alfred P. Sloan
CEO of General
Died on: 17
February 1966
Born in: New
Nationality: American
Year Of Birth: 1875
Antonis Samaras
Former Prime
Minister of Greece
Born in: Athens
Nationality: Greek
Year Of Birth:
Haneen Zoabi
Member of the
Born in: Nazareth
Nationality: Israeli
Year Of Birth:
Joan Collins
Actress & Author
Born in:
Year Of Birth:
John Bardeen
Nobel Laureate in
Died on: 30
January 1991
Born in: Madison,
Wisconsin, U.S.
Nationality: American
Year Of Birth: 1908
Margaret Fuller
Died on: 19 July
Born in:
Cambridgeport, is my birthday…

Let’s be clear…

Desirable Love

There were several comments yesterday that made me feel I must clarify some points:

Some were worried that I might make people question their actions. In response: Yes. One intention in yesterday’s post was to suggest people question what they are now being told is a norm through the mass media capitalizing on the promotion of S&M (the subject raised in the film 50 Shades of Grey): hurting others intimately and/or letting others hurt you intimately. Even though some readers believed really hurting/injuring someone grows trust, respect and communication… studies have shown that in fact they have the exact opposite effect on a relationship.

Forget all the misleading mass media hype that it’s “playful”. Try to think of it in other terms. If you love your child, would you want to experiment with hurting them to build trust? Would it give you pleasure to hurt them? Would it give them…

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Father and Daughter

Effulgence of remnant Sunshine

He was alone, she had left long ago. He sat on the wooden bench and contemplated about her. It has been a decade and he could still feel the Love, Passion, Fire, and Desire they had for each other when they were together. When they made love, it was heaven in Earth for them. Yet there was something incomplete in their life. They had everything, yet they were not happy in their life. 

She couldn’t bear to see him sad. She couldn’t carry his child. She was barren. This broke her. He couldn’t see her sad. For him, she was his world. But she still felt incomplete.

Everywhere they went, they saw kids and happiness and it killed them, they couldn’t have one of their own. He said they could adopt a kid. They could raise the kid as their own child, but it couldn’t still fill the gaping hole in…

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